younggalaxxy-deactivated2014032 asked:
Hello :) I am so happy I found your blog, you seem very inspirational and have much to learn from. My boyfriend and I are looking for a yoga teacher training somewhere in a very nice location and at an affordable price for young adults. Do you have any recommendations or even places to avoid when looking for training centers? I have no idea where to start but we have a deep desire to teach yoga and expand our yoga and life practices. :) thank you!

How exciting!  A noble venture for sure :)  If you have carefully considered the pros and cons of trying to make a living as a yoga teacher, I would start by reading these two articles.  They ask some great questions to help guide your search for a program.    

How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program by YogaJournal

Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program by Expanding Light

Good luck!

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